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Youth Minister

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Burwood VIC, Australia

Job Type

Part Time



About the Role

The core responsibilities of the youth minister are serving young people within the context of the church through a team of youth leaders.

Serving young people: The youth minister is responsible for organising, leading, and delivering the regular youth program. This includes regular and ongoing Bible engagement, focusing on discipleship, formation, and evangelism. The program’s goal is to engage young people with the gospel of Christ using the community and a curriculum of Bible engagement.


The youth minister must meet these core competencies:

  • Able to lead and organise a team

  • Able to plan and deliver a program for young people

  • Able to communicate appropriately with young people

  • Able to handle the Bible carefully and faithfully

The youth minister will need to have a Diploma in Ministry/Theology or higher and willing to study for a degree in the same.

Be an authorised lay minister or willing to apply for the Archbishop's licence for lay ministry.

About the Company

The youth minister of St Toms is tasked with serving young people and their families with God’s words within the broader church. This objective is centred upon leading and delivering our regular youth program, Clay.

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