St Thomas Burwood Anglican Church

Stewardship of Our Money

Some key Biblical references to giving:

I Cor. 16:1-2; Luke 21:1-4;  2 Cor 8&9;  Lev. 27:30-34; Deut 26:12; Mal 3:10; Matt. 23:23-24; Acts 11:27-30
Our society unashamedly tells us to spend our 'hard earned' dollars on our own security, comfort and pleasure. Therefore, if our income increases we are encouraged to increase our spending on ourselves. The Bible teaches us, however, that the 'first fruits' of our labour belong to God (Exodus 34:26, Prov 3.9) and that those of us who have plenty, should be willing to share our wealth to assist God's work and to help God's people in need (see2 Cor. 8:13-15).
The amount we give in comparison to anyone else's giving is irrelevant. God is only concerned with whether we give willingly and sacrificially; remember the poor widow in Luke 21:14. You may be on a social security pension or a student allowance, but the same principles apply to your giving as to someone with a large income: your regular offering is just as important.
Tithing, as mentioned in the Bible, is a starting point for giving; that is, 10% of your total income - no matter what your income. This is the 'first fruits' of your labour which rightfully belong to God. The New Testament goes beyond that to a principle of generosity in response to God's generosity to us (2 Cor 8&9).

Our Budget for 2012

Expenditure Areas 
Church Maint'ce & running costs      15,054
Mission Support                                  31,200
Admin & Office Expenses                 4,225
Parish Ministry & outreach               15,326
Staff Stipends, Salaries etc.           232,022
Diocesan assessment                      21,204
Total:                                                  $ 319,031

Estimated Weekly Giving Required:    
$  5,560

How You Can Give To Fulfil Our Shared Vision:

DIRECT Electronic TRANSFER (Through the Anglican Development Fund)
The ADF will arrange a regular direct debit from your account on the day of the month you specify (see separate leaflet). This allows for regular, systematic giving at no additional cost to you or St Thomas' and can be discontinued by a simple phone call to the ADF.
If you prefer to do this yourself our bank details are:

Account name: St Thomas' Burwood Anglican Church
Bank & Branch: Commonwealth Bank, BSB No:  063 112;  A/C No: 1039 7091

Our Building account:
Account name: St Thomas' Burwood Anglican Church Building ACcount
Bank & Branch: Commonwealth Bank, BSB No:  063 112;  A/C No: 1039 7112

CREDIT CARD         
Regular Credit Card payments as well as bank account direct debits may be made using the service offered by the Anglican Development Fund. Simply download the direct debit form, fill in our credit card details  and mail it to the ADF.
Packets of weekly giving envelopes are available from the Treasurer.
Direct giving is presented through the plate each week in the form of cash or a cheque.


Consider the following guide to your giving:


= monthly income of:

= weekly income of:

level of
weekly* giving - 2%

Average level of weekly*
giving - 5%

OT legal level of weekly* giving - 10%

NT generous giving- say 15%






















(* Multiply by 4.33 to get a monthly amount)


Contact Details

44 Station St, Burwood, 3125 (map)

Lead Minister: Rev. John Carrick

Phone: 03 9808 3250
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.